Uncomfortable Euroland thoughts!

written and posted by Graham Reid

March 29 2016

Schauble/Germany think they run the EU – they probably do – don’t tell France!


Marr TV interview: March 2016


Andrew Marr: But isn’t it possible for the UK to have the advantages of the internal market, the single – the single trading area, without paying in and without accepting free movement of people?


Wolfgang Schauble: No, you are either in the single market or you are not in the single market. And if you’re not in it, then you have trade arrangements. Of course there are countries within Europe that are part of the single market but they still have to pay into the budget of the community and they have to accept the free movement of people. So actually they have all the disadvantages of the common market and they are not involved in the decision-making process of the internal single market.


Germany and Greece


Germany, the Euro-zone’s effective paymaster, has demanded fiscal discipline and tough economic reforms in Greece in return for extending repayment deadlines and new financial support. Finance Minister Wolfgang Schauble opposed a Greek debt write-down, pointing to his own government’s balanced budget.
July 12 2015


Sunday’s statement on Greece by eurozone finance ministers will go down as one of the most brutal diplomatic démarches in the history of the European Union, a bloc built to foster peace and harmony that is now publicly threatening one of its own with ruination unless it surrenders. The IMF has urged Europe to give Greece some debt relief, something Berlin has opposed. Its only remaining option for disobedience—to default and leave the euro—would satisfy rather than horrify many of its European critics, led by German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble.


April 3 2015


For the first time in public, though practically the entire world assumed it, an official from the IMF has admitted that the various Greek bailouts were not for The Greeks at all…“They gave money to save German and French banks, not Greece,” Paolo Batista, an Executive Director of the International Monetary Fund told Greek private Alpha TV on Tuesday.




Michael Hayden, former head of the CIA has said a British exit from the EU would have little impact on the UK’s security. He described the European Union as not a “natural contributor to national security” and that relations between Washington and London would not be affected.


Sir Richard Dearlove, a former head of MI6 has said Britain could be more secure outside the EU, countering David Cameron’s attempts to put security at the heart of the remain campaign.


We are told that our fingerprint knowledge and other security exchange would be jeopardised. Will Germany tell 26 countries that they can no longer have the information from the UK/GCHQ that currently protects them?


Trade Deal


Norway gets a better deal than Britain currently does, and Switzerland a better deal than Norway. But a post-EU Britain, with 65 million people to Switzerland’s eight million and Norway’s five, should expect something better. The deal on offer is based on free trade and intergovernmental co-operation. We’ll recover our parliamentary sovereignty and, with it, the ability to sign bilateral trade deals with non-EU countries. The idea that either side would wish to jeopardise the flow of cross-Channel trade is bizarre.


Time to finalise a trade deal


We are told 7 to 10 years is normal! Will German/other EU companies allow Germany to stop them trading with the UK for that long? As long as Germany stalls. The UK can too. If Germany imposes punitive tariffs and regulations, the UK can too. Deals are 2-way.


UK citizens working/living in the EU


The frighteners tell us they would be denied local services (health, schooling etc.). Is Germany going to force the UK to deny French/Spanish/Italian & German citizens to be denied UK services? UK workers are going to be sent back to UK. Does Germany want the UK to deport all EU citizens?




Each country needs to ensure that they have the infrastructure – housing, schools, health facilities, transport and security – to accommodate their population and the people with the needed skills. Immigrants, regardless of nationality, colour or creed should be welcomed provided that the UK has the infrastructure capacity to absorb them and possess the skills it needs.


Immigration decisions should be the sole preserve of the host country NOT prescribed by others.




If the UK has adequate sovereignty, why did it the PM hundreds of days, flying thousands of miles to negotiate the inadequate deal he secured? Unelected EU Commissioners decide what we can and cannot do. Why does the EU Court of Justice have the ability to overrule UK Courts decisions?


UK Jobs


BREXIT would result in thousands of lost UK jobs! The UK pays £13 billion, net of the rebate, into the EU each year of which £4.5 billion comes back in subsidies, mostly for agriculture, to be spent as  the EU directs. The UK could continue to subsidise its farmers with £4.5 billion BUT on terms agreed with and suitable to the industry and still have £8.5 billion to generate more jobs and invest in the National Health Service and infrastructure.


“Better the devil you know…”


The uncertainty is with staying in, not BREXIT. Germany, with France and other Eurozone members will inevitably – and correctly from their point of view – introduce laws and regulations that protect the Euro and move that zone to ever closer union. The UK and other non-Euro States will still be subject to those rules and no-one has said, and will not, how they will impact the UK and others. With BREXIT, the UK will determine its own rules to suit itself not 19 + other countries.


Terms & conditions post BREXIT


Deals are 2-way. For every threat the UK receives, it could insist on reciprocal terms from the EU. Fear of the future is misplaced unless there is no confidence in the UK’s abilities. The UK was a major international player for hundreds of years before the EU and would be post a BREXIT decision.